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We are located at: 38 S. Market St. Suite 3, Frederick, MD 21701

We are actually on Carrol Creek around the corner

 in the Carrol Creek Promenade Building.

The shop is open Tuesday - Saturday.  Please call first to make an appointment.   I do welcome walk-ins when I am in the shop.


At Crystal Forests you can receive in office Psychic Readings.  Online Psychic Readings.  Over the phone Psychic Readings.  Ionic Cleanse Footbaths, Ear Candling also known as Ear Coning and merchandise you can purchase for your gift giving pleasure. 

We sell Sage, Liquid Sage, Statues, Crystals and Minerals and books that Irene has personally written.  

In the near future we will be offering classes on how to develop psychic abilities.  

On this site you'll find information about Irene Richardson, the work that she is currently doing, her background and her very first published books:


Learn How to do Automatic Writing.

A step by step course to help you access higher realms of the mind, body and spirit. 


Crystal Forests
Meditation Practice Log

Meditation Journal, Record your Meditations, Journeys and Astral Travels.  Three months worth of daily journaling.


F.A.I.T.H. for You

Fatherly Advice in the Heavens for You

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